The department of Business Administration is one of the prestigious departments of CAS Nizwa, provided with all facilities namely highly qualified experienced staff members, computer labs, Learning Resources Centre (LRC),  Class Rooms with electronic gadgets, wireless internet access (Wi-Fi), text books for all courses, reference books, on-line journals etc.. The first batch (cohort 2008) of IBA students have graduated in the year 2013.


-Business Specialization

        Business Administration is the field of management which deals with business activities that includes international and national boundaries. The specialization is a forward-looking area of study that magnifies local issues and how they are intertwined with global challenges in business administration such as globalization and liberalization which are the engines for trade, commerce and economic growth.

Career Opportunities

         Graduates of the Business Administration, Marketing and Supply Chain Majors fit into different business settings, ranging from large multinational corporations to small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in the field of manufacturing, banking, oil sector, government, financial institutions, market research analyst, Business manager, Human resources manager, customer service manager, public relations officer, logistics manager, integrated programs director, supply chain director, inventory manager, supply chain planning manager,  marketing manager, product manager, social media manager, market research analyst, supply chain analyst. Graduates can start their own venture as an Entrepreneur.

Accounting and Finance Specialization

        The main objective of accounting specialization is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the different accounting and finance fields including Banking and Insurance areas and to provide students with required knowledge and technical skills suitable for todays’ accounting and finance applications.

Career Opportunities

       The BIBA Program in Majors such as Accounting, Banking and Finance and Insurance provides a range of career opportunities to the students to work in accounting, banking, finance, insurance and corporate houses, in the government as well as in the private sectors as cost accountants, financial accountants, auditors, financial planners, financial analyst, investor relations associate, budget analyst, bank teller, bank marketing representative, bank loan office, data processing officer, equity traders, Asset managers, insurance sales agent, insurance investigators, claims examiners and adjusters  etc. Successful graduates can further pursue professional certificates such as CA, ACCA, CPA, ACPA, CMA, ICWA, CIMA, CFA, CFM. The graduates can also become entrepreneur.

       The nature of work is usually office work in Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Tourism and Hospitality Management areas but few jobs in the areas such as Marketing, Insurance, Supply Chain and Tourism requires field work as well. Hotel jobs in the field of hospitality management are mostly technical in nature.

Tourism and Hospitality Specialization

        The objective of the tourism management specialization is to enable students to develop rational and practical competencies, skills, and capability to face the challenges and successfully work in domestic as well as international tourism environments. Hospitality Management involves the management of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, resorts, clubs, events, entertainments activities etc.

Career Opportunities

         There is a huge range of career opportunities for the tourism management graduates such as travel agents, tour operators, event planners, tourism guides, airport jobs, entrepreneurs, tourism consultants, tourism planners and developers, in airline operations and cruise operations. The hospitality industry can provide huge career opportunities for Hospitality Management graduates ranging from entry level positions to management level positions such as hotel managers, operation managers, catering managers, restaurant managers, event organizers and planners, guest relation executives and cruise director. Graduates can start their own venture as an Entrepreneur. 

Students Forums- Business Administration Club:

-Business Administration Club Nizwa

       It provides space for the students to show their extracurricular abilities and organizing skills. The events like cultural shows, exhibitions, meetings, presentations, Islamic programs, excursion, field trips, releasing Newsletters etc.. are organized by BAC Nizwa regularly. 

-Literary Circle and Debating Society 

       Avenues are created to enhance English communication skills of the students. This group publishes newsletter from the students work. The debating Society motivates students to converse on English language. It organizes regular debates on important topics to improve public speaking skills of the students. 


-Action research circle

      It is a research group comprising staff and students. It conducts Action Research on the issues concerning the department and curriculum. The outcome of the research is applied to improve the excellence of the department.

-Cultural /Competitions Organizing Group

       This group plans and executes various cultural events within the campus and takes part in inter collegiate competitions outside the campus.

-Study Circle

       The aim of this group is to help the students who need extra coaching and support to score good marks in their respective courses. In this regard, voluntary help of some outstanding students and staff are sought to conduct special coaching sessions.

Students Activities & Annual Events:

-Industrial Visits

        Once in a term, students are taken to various work places to gain practical knowledge of the subject and what they learn during the semester. Students were taken to MSM, Industrial Fairs, Corporate Offices, Bank head Offices, Star Hotels etc..

-Competitions and Students’ Events

       The department takes active part in various students’ activities and competitions in the college. Every year CV writing competition is conducted, students enthusiastically take part in variety of cultural events like dramas, quiz, writing of poems etc..

-Induction Programs

        A detailed presentation is organized at the beginning of the every year to facilitate the new students to acquaint themselves with various facilities, rules and regulations of the department.

-Seminars/ Presentations/ Workshops

       The department organizes seminars, presentations, and workshops on various topics to disseminate knowledge on various topics. This helps students to develop various skills namely work culture, team spirit, leadership, confidence building, social responsibilities, and emotional intelligence.

-Business Administration Club Open Day 

      It is one of the great times for students to prove their abilities in various fields. The students organize various events namely tourism fairs, cultural events, competitions,  conduct debates, quiz  and run stalls etc … This provide opportunity for CAS to create industrial link with local industry.

-“My Plan”-National Level Business Plan Competition

      Department of International Business Administration, College of Applied Sciences (CAS) Nizwa  in collaboration with OCCI Nizwa and QNB organizes a Business Plan Competition “My Plan” every year for students of all higher education institutions in Oman. The aim of this competition is to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students in Oman, in line with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said’s directives at Bahla in 2013. Normally many creative and innovative ideas presented by students in their business plan as part of their study are either ignored or not brought to execution after their studies. My Plan competition provides a platform for such business plans wherein the students will be able to present their ideas and seek advice from experts for successful execution of their plans. Each year the business plans are invited from students for competition.  The first five winners  will be awarded an attractive cash prizes  – First prize 500 OMR, second prize 400 OMR, third prize 300 OMR, fourth prize 200 OMR and fifth prize 100 OMR. 

Staff Research & Professional Development Program (PDP):

-Staff Research

         The department encourages its faculty to take part in research activities and publish papers at various avenues. The BA staff are actively participate in conferences at home and abroad in various areas related to business management, strategy and research etc. Publications in various refereed journals mark the commitment and excellence of members towards research.

-Department Publications

         The department is striving to achieve academic excellence through disseminating information by circulating two magazines, namely Al-Mannara and Oman Business Focus, which provide space for staff and teachers to contribute articles on Omani business, culture, economy, education etc..

-Professional Development Program for Staff Members

          The department encourages its faculty members to enthusiastically engage in activities related to their professional development. In this regard department conducts various Professional Development Programmes (PDPs) on research methodology, teaching pedagogy, soft skills etc... These programmes facilitate the members to keep themselves abreast with latest developments in their fields of expertise and participate in knowledge sharing among the faculty members.