The Research Department has been established to manage research affairs in the College. It endeavours to help advance scientific research and make it reach the highest possible levels. Through its various activities—such as research management, promotion, support, follow-up and the application of research outcomes—the Department seeks to develop knowledge and ultimately serve society in various fields of knowledge.


The Department of Scientific Research is concerned with the following:

1) Participate in preparing the strategic plan for the research

2) Providing scientific research services to college students.

3) Participated in preparing studies and scientific research.

4) Coordination of scientific research programs in the college

5) Follow up on research projects in the progression stages

6) Take the necessary measures to develop scientific research and joint research in the college and beyond.

7) Familiarize the faculty with the annual plans for scientific research and the available sources of funding and their conditions.

8) The Department of Academic Research has the right to academics, researchers, technicians and others who are employees of the college in performing its duties, and it is also possible to recruit others according to work requirements and conditions.