The Centre of Admission and Registration is one of the most important academic- support centers in the College as it is in direct contact with the students and all academic, academic support, and administrative units of the College. The Centre carries out vital functions to serve the educational process in the College such as managing the academic affairs and academic policy of the College through the application and implementation of the academic regulations applied in the Colleges.


The Centre of Admission and Registration is in charge of the followin

1-     Conducting students’ admission and registration procedures in the College.

2-     Issuing the students’ identity cards.

3-     Preparing study and examination timetables.

4-     Providing necessary data for the academic advisor to assist students accomplish registration procedures.

5-     Following up the implementation of the College Academic Regulations.

6-     Providing various statistical data.

7-     Proposing graduation procedures and taking part in the graduation ceremony.

8-     Approving the results and reviewing the academic plans of the students.

9-     Implementing the absence system.

10- Conducting the withdrawal and deferral procedures.

11- Following up students encumbrance.

12- Participating in organizing the orientation week.

13- Participating in the College s Council meetings.

14- Preparing and overseeing the final examinations processes.

15- Following up with the Financial Affairs Section regarding the students allowances.


The Center’s Aims

  • Achieve a high quality of service.

  • Activate SIS and make sure of its effectiveness and confidentiality.

  • Apply academic bylaw of the Colleges of Applied Sciences.

  • Help students in completing graduation requirements in the specified period through applying strategic solutions for academic problems.


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