The department offers two distinct English Language Programme streams to the student community of the college. These are:


  • General Foundation Programme for new students to assist them in preparation to commence their main study stream.


  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for Business, Communication and Design students designed for language study support of their main study stream.


Most important activities in the Department:


  • Foundation Program: Before embarking upon specializations, all new students to the College must undergo a Foundation Year in which they study English, Study Skills and Computer Acumen.


  • Teacher Resource Centre (TRC): The TRC can be considered as a context for learning consisting of books and other teaching materials, such as CDs, cassettes and audiotapes that can support and enhance the teaching and learning processes.  Teachers are encouraged to use the TRC as much as they can.


  • English Society: It is guided by English language teachers who are willing to volunteer their free time for the creative and practical uses of the English language in the way of activities such as debates, quizzes, peer tutoring, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and visits, and participation in English society activities in other universities and colleges.