The Follow-up and Coordination Department is one of the most important departments that represent the Dean s Office. It is responsible for coordinating the work of the Dean’s Office, organizing and keeping records and files, answering phone calls and printing letters and memos, organizing and recording the Dean’s appointments and coordinates the meetings and interviews and follows-up the correspondence and issues within and outside the College, as well as the other related works.


Responsibilities of Coordination and Follow up Department:

1-Coordinating the Dean’s Office works.


2-Keeping the records and files related to the Dean’s office.


3-Drafting and typing decisions, memos, letters and other documents.


4-Registering administrative decisions and circulars in their relevant registers; numbering and distributing these documents to the competent authorities in the College; and keeping them –along with their back up documents- in their appropriate files and records.


5-Keeping transactions, memos, and letters in their appropriate files and records.


6-Following up the issues, memos, reports, and minutes related to the Dean’s work inside and outside the College.


7-Providing the necessary data which the Dean may request.


8-Preparing periodical reports regarding follow up, performance assessment and the making of appropriate recommendations to the Dean regarding them.