The Department runs the International Business Management (IBS) program and provides one specialization (with a bachelor s degree) which is Bachelor of International Business Administration.


Jobs in the labour market:


International Trade Policy Advisor, International Trade Analyst, International Counsellor or Adviser, Industrial Development Analyst, Business Development Advisor, Management Positions, MNEs, SMEs, International Marketing Analyst, International Business Consulting, International Corporate Assignments.


Most important activities in the Department:



  • Industrial Visit: Once in a term, students are taken to various work places to gain practical knowledge of the subject and what they learn during the semester. Students were taken to MSM, Industrial Fairs, Corporate Offices, Bank head Offices, Star Hotels… etc.


  • Induction Programs: A detailed presentation is organized at the beginning of every academic year to help the new students acquaint themselves with various facilities, rules and regulations of the department.


  • Seminars/ Presentations/ Workshops: The department organizes seminars, presentations, and workshops on various topics to disseminate knowledge on various topics. This helps students to develop various skills namely work culture, team spirit, leadership, confidence building, social responsibilities, and emotional intelligence.


  •  IBS Open Day & Tourism Exhibition: It is one of the great times for students to prove their abilities in various fields. The students organize various events namely tourism fairs, cultural events, competitions, conducting debates and quizzes, and running stalls… etc. This provides an opportunity for the College to create an industrial link with the local industry.


  • Professional Development Program (PDP) for Staff Members:  The department has been conducting various PDP for teaching staff of the College. It includes presentations, workshops on various topics on research skills, teaching pedagogy, and soft skills… etc.