Learning Resource Center


Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) at Nizwa College of Applied Sciences plays a vital role in the educational reform initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education. The LRC’s primary goal is to enhance student learning. To achieve this goal, the LRC provides the College community with current materials and resources, access to network resources with the Internet for research and study, and educational technologies to promote a learner-centered environment. LRC users can be trained in the following skills:


Also, at the beginning of each semester, there are a number of training courses that are open to to all students and faculty. An induction week is arranged each year for those new to the college (students, teachers, staff, etc).

The LRC services can be used by all students and faculty/staff in the college. Members of the local community can also use the LRC’s Services after providing a request letter from employer and approval from the LRC head.

The ground floor of the LRC building consists of the circulation desk, library collection, the student carrels and study tables. It also contains 4 computer labs namely: the open access labs for male-students, the open access lab for female-students, e-library lab, staff offices, and the media lab. The second floor consists of 7 computer labs and staff offices.


LRC Opening Hours in Term

                Sunday to Wednesday 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.

                Thursday 8.00 am  to 3.00 pm.

                Closed on Friday, Saturday, and Official Holidays.


LRC Sections

There are three sections in the LRC: Computers, Educational Technology and the Library:


1 - Library Section:

         The library aims to provide access for its beneficiaries to various printed, electronic, audio and visual sources of information. New student and staff/faculty member shall be able to borrow books and library materials upon user activation which will require College ID card beforehand. Please approach library staff on the ground floor of the LRC at the Circulation Desk or call them on extension 743.

The college is subscribed to EBSCO electronic database which includes eBooks and e Journals collections that can be accessed through  https://search.ebscohost.com/                                                             



2 - Computer Section:

               This section oversees all computer labs and provides them with wired and wireless Internet access and network services. This section work to enhance and offer a state-of-the-art IT services. Helpdesk service is also provided by this section. Network user name and password will be issued for each college member (students/staff/faculty) by this section. Also, new students and staff members can get the CAS mail account by approaching any computer technician/specialist in the LRC. 


3 - Educational Technology Section:

           This section provides educational support services and provide loan for devices such as laptops, overhead projectors, screens, video recorders and cameras, and audio devices. The section also includes an e-learning unit which manages and operates the interactive education programme “BlackBoard (BB)”, a new student or a faculty member can get a Blackboard (BB) account information and needs to contact the BB administrators.


                     Usefull Links:  - Blackboard