Level B

How many English courses am I studying this semester? 2 courses (General English Skills (GES) and Academic English Skills (AES)).

How many hours am I studying per week? 20 hours per week: 10 hours per course.

Do I have a chance to retake the course if I fail it? If you fail one course of level B, it means you fail the whole level and you have only one chance to retake either in level B or level A.


What if I fail for the second time? You are given three chances to sit the challenge exam during the second year of the foundation program (the beginning of the Fall Semester, at the end of the Fall Semester and at the end of the Spring Semester).


You bring a valid IELTS certificate with band 4.5 with no component less than 4 within the “add and drop week”.


What about attendance? Attendance is very important and it is taken on a daily basis, so you have to show up to your classes every day. Each course has its own attendance record. Missing a two-hour-class equals 1.3%. You must check your absence percentage regularly on the portal using this link: sisportalnizwa.cas.edu.om, and you will be dismissed if you reach 20.1% (31 hours).  If you get dismissed from one English course, you will be automatically dismissed from the other course.