Level D

How many English courses am I studying this semester? One course (General English Skills (GES), but you will be taught by 3 or 4 teachers.

How many teaching hours am I studying per week? 24 hours per week.

Do I have a chance to retake the course if I fail it? No, you don’t have any chance to retake it. You have to pass all 4 levels successfully. However, if you score 80% or more in level D and your writing score is 20+, you can jump to level B and then you will have one chance to retake either level B or A.


What if I fail level D? You are given 3 chances to sit the challenge exam.



You bring a valid IELTS certificate with band 3.5 within the “add and drop week”.


What about attendance? Attendance is very important and it is taken on a daily basis, so youhave to show up to your classes every day. All teachers are keeping the attendance in one sheet. Missing a two-hour-class equals 0.6%. You must check your absence percentage regularly on the portal using this link: sisportalnizwa.cas.edu.om, and you will be dismissed if you reach 20.1% (73 hours).