Student     Affairs                                                            




  The student serves center  is one of the very important center at the college which  cares for the non – academic aspects like cultural ,Social and sport activities. Some of the department aims are the following:

1- discovering students talents                      

2- linking the learning process with the students activities

3- giving students the chance to engage in different sport, cultural and social activities                                        

4-utlizing students free time                                        

5- training students to manage and organize different activities                                                                 

6- serving the local community                             

7- providing services for the students                     

8- solving the psychological, social and financial problems that some students suffer from                    


The Cultural Aspect :


The cultural aspect is represented in lectures , symposiums , cultural weeks ,exhibitions , competitions, short stories and poetry gatherings , evenings and media activities.

There are several rooms located in and outside the student activities building that serve activities like :   


  • The Drawing studio
  • The media studio
  • The Meeting hall
  • The Nizwa Hall

 The Jibreen Hall



Extracurricular  activities societies:


*The Islamic Culture  Society

*The Poetry Society

*Ibn Duraid for Literature Society

*The History and Environment Society

* The Theatre Society

*The Media and Photography Society

* The Drawing Society

* The Science Society

*The Computer and Internet Society

* The English Society


The Sport Aspect:


The Sport Aspect is represented in different sport competitions like : football , volleyball, table tennis and chess .



There are several facilities like :

  • Football Playground
  • Volleyball Playground
  • Sports Hall  
  • Gymnasium


The Social Aspect :


The Social Aspect is represented in lectures and symposiums which focus on the social activities. Social activities help to connect the students at the college to the local community by means of  collaborative activities such as camping  and participating in different activities carried out by different local institutions .

The Social Activities can be outlined in the following areas:

  • Scout activities which help student to gain different skills like independency ,camping and serving the society.
  • The restaurant committee which is represented by students and staff members to follow up services in the restaurant , and to improve them by giving  the necessary suggestions.
  •  The allowance committee which meets twice a  year in September and January to discuss the requests proposed by students regarding the amount of their allowances.
  • The legislative committee which helps in questioning students regarding the violations of the college rules.
  • The trip committee which organizes trips for the distinctive students either for academic or entertainment purposes.  Each department and each society has the right to organize one trip per a semester.
  • The external trips  :


  In this concern the distinctive students are chosen to join trips to places outside Oman. Four  students from each college are chosen to join a trip that is organized collaboratively  by the student affairs departments  in the six colleges.

  • Medical Treatment Cards: The department provides treatment cards for the students who wish to have medical treatment as to regard their absence as an authorized one.
  • First Aid Box: There is one for male students and another for female students.
  • Students problems: The department helps students in solving the psychological, social and financial problems they encounter and as much as possible.
  • Students Cards: The department, in cooperation with the LRC, issues students ID cards every new year.


Female Students Activities Centre


  • It is  an independent building consisting of two floors and reserved for girls only .It has different halls where girls can enjoy different sport, cultural and entertaining activities.
  • There are two female supervisors taking care of different girls activities.
  • The centre is considered to be a communication tool between the female students and the administration and academic departments at the college.