The College’s internal auditor is administratively supervised by the Dean of the College and technically to the Internal Audit Department. He oversees verifying the application of the laws, regulations, decisions, rules and procedures that are related to the movable and immovable which are allocated to the College. He is also in charge of the other work related to reviewing and examining the College financial and administrative affairs.


The Internal Audit Office shall undertake the following duties:

  1. Making sure that the laws, bylaws, decisions, regulations, and procedures regarding the moveable and immoveable assets of the College are properly implemented;
  2. Reviewing the payment vouchers related to the College’s budget;
  3. Reviewing contracts and purchase orders and making sure they are signed in accordance with the relevant regulations and laws;
  4. Reviewing the accounting registers prepared by the Administrative and Financial Affairs Office regarding the College’s expenditures;
  5. Inspecting and reviewing accounting and financial records, registers, and all other relevant documents;
  6. Reviewing the final bills of the College; checking the College’s final account at the end of the fiscal year; and reporting recommendations and suggestions in this regard;
  7. Reviewing the revenue documents so as to ensure that the refunding of all due revenues have been effected;
  8. Performing unannounced stocktaking inspections of stores, safes, sustainable and temporary loans, and other moveable and immoveable assets of the College; and reporting the results of this process;
  9. Reviewing sustainable and temporary loans;
  10. Preparing periodical reports of the inspection results including any irregularities identified by inspection, the causes of these and the proffering of recommendations for their regularization; and the sending of copies of these reports to the Director of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department, so that he may enact the necessary amendments and make the relevant corrections so as to further enable to implement measures necessary for the avoidance of their future repetition;
  11. Preparing quarterly reports including the results of the inspection of the College’s accounts and financial status, along with a summary of the comments and recommendations included in the periodical reports and the results of their follow up; and the submission of these reports to the Director of the Internal Audit Office in the Ministry, who then passes them on to the Minister;
  12. Receiving the State Audit Institution’s reports referred by the Minister including the results of the College’s account’s audit and inspection of its financial activities; referring these reports to the Administrative and Financial Affairs’ Director for him to respond to; reviewing these responses; and writing an appropriate report to be submitted to the Internal Audit Office Director, who then passes it on to the Minister;
  13. Proposing the appropriate methods to avoid financial irregularities mentioned by the State Audit Inspection’s reports; informing the Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs of these irregularities and recommendations made in this regard; and following up the implementation of these recommendations.