A legal affairs researchersis assigned to the College to carry out studying the notes and documents which are referred to him for legal opinion and review the regulations, decisions, circulars and the contracts related to the College before they are acknowledged as well as the other actions entrusted to him.


The legal affairs researchers is responsible for carrying out the following duties:

  1. In accordance with the binding rules and regulations, investigating alleged breaches and violations committed by the College s students and employees;
  2. Reviewing the memos and documents referred to them and proffering legal advice concerning them;
  3. Participating in the relevant committees;
  4. Checking and enforcing the legislations, laws, bylaws, and resolutions relevant to the College work;
  5. In coordination with the Legal Office at the Ministry, appearing before jurisdictional authorities where lawsuits cite the College as a party;
  6. Preparing, collecting, and classifying the contracts and agreements that are concluded between the college and other second parties;
  7. Reviewing bylaws, decisions, circulars, and private contracts made by the College prior to their approval;