A Student Career Guidance Centre has been established in every College of Applied Sciences to help carry out the Ministry of Higher Education’s policy of promoting high standards of education and producing outstanding graduates who are well-equipped to enter a highly-competitive job market inside and outside the Sultanate.

The rationale behind creating such Centres was to help students fulfil their professional aspirations by equipping them with the necessary tools to meet the challenges of professional life.

Tasks of the Center

  • Students on-Job Training:

     Organizing the students’ practical training process is one of the tasks carried out by the Student Training and Career Guidance Center, where the Centre coordinates with the various entities in the public and private sectors in order to create training opportunities for students. On-job training is limited to the students who have finished 60 credit hours in their majors of study.

  • The Workshops: 

  1. Writing a resume.

  2. How to pass an interview.

  3. Enhancing and developing the student’s personal skills and personality.

  4. Conducting specialized workshops that are related to academic disciplines.

  • ​​Participation in training and employment  exhibitions:

     In coordination with the academic departments, the Centre participates in periodic employment and training exhibitions held in different destinations which target the students in the graduation year.


     ​The Center manages students’ entrepreneurship activities represented by students’ projects and companies and provides the necessary support for the success of these projects.

Graduates Follow-up:


     The Student Training and Career Guidance Center communicates with graduates for follow-up purposes and collects information and invitations in the case of conducting the annual alumni forum.

Call the Centre:




Phones: 25433768-25433770-25433769