Nizwa College of Applied Sciences is one of the Colleges of Applied Sciences which are supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. Its mission is to provide high- quality programs that respond to the dynamic needs of the labour market. The students are given the choice to select the program they wish to study among more than 10 academic majors in Business Administration Program, Mass Communication Program and the Design Program. The teaching staff are of different cultural backgrounds and they old Masters’ and PhD degrees.


     Recognizing the importance of extracurricular activities in refining students’ skills and abilities and in empowering them to be entrepreneurial, the College offers academic and non-academic support. It also strives to enable students to participate in different groups and societies that are commensurate with their preferences and interests. It provides them with opportunities to participate in internal and external events and encourages national and international meetings with the aims of refining their skills and allowing them to integrate with others. The College has received numerous awards, diplomas, and medals at different sport, cultural and scientific levels in different national or international competitions.


Dean of the College

Dr. Mohammed bin Juma AL-Kharusi